Thursday, April 28, 2011

5th NCR Testers Monthly Meet

5th NCR Testers Monthly meet – a full day software testing conference was held on 16th of April at Adobe India in Noida. The meet was attended by more than 250 testers from NCR region. A brainchild of Vipul Kocher, Ajoy Singha and Vipul Gupta, the main objective to start NCRTMM is to build formal/informal platform learning, sharing and solving problems related to software testing. This time the theme of the conference was “Agile and Automation – software testing trends”. The invited speakers included Pradeep Soundararajan of Moolya, Rahul Verma of McAfee and Narayan Raman of Tyto Software from Bangalore. Speakers from NCR included Akhilesh Ghushe and Ajai Jain from Adobe, Vipul Gupta from Impetus, Ramit Manohar from Dell.
Vipul Kocher opened the talk and welcome participants to the conference. Vipul Gupta and Ajoy Singha explained what all the participants could expect from the meet. Akhilesh Ghushe presented a talk on Samvedana as a method of testing. Then Pradeep Soundararajan explained how testers can excel as testers in his talk “Achieving Personal Excellence as a Tester”. Pradeep also mentioned few testers who are doing excellent work in Indian software testing domain.
Vipul Gupta then presented a topic on “Agile and Automation”. He explained how to use automation effectively in agile projects. Participants appreciated the power of automation tool SAHI when Naryan Raman demonstrated some features of SAHI tool in his talk “Automating Web-Apps using SAHI”. He explained the advantages of SAHI as automation tool over the other commercial and non-commercial tools available in market today.
Post lunch, Ramit Manohar advised few best practices that needs to be followed during agile testing. Ramit’s talk “What Not to do when testing in Agile” was well appreciated by the participants. This was followed by Rahul Verma’s talk on “Test Encapsulation - Enabling Intelligent Automated Tests” where he emphasised on the concept of test and code coverage.
Navneet Sharma of Impetus then challenged the participants with difficult to answer audio video quiz. Prizes were distributed on the spot. The last talk of the day was presented by Ajai Jain of Adobe. He explained how test managers can track adhoc testing done by team members in his talk “ATalytics – Adhoc Testing Analytics”. Ajai also emphasised how testers from NCR area are contributing to the testing community. The conference was concluded by thanks giving and closing talk by Gautam Brahma of BizMentor. Organizers thanked speakers and participants for attending the conference. Few participants expressed that NCRTMM 5 was one of the best conferences they have attended so far.
(L-R) Ajay Jain, Ramit Manohar, Navneet Sharma, Vipul Gupta, Narayan Raman, Rahul Verma, Pradeep Soundararajan, Vipul Kocher and Ajoy Kumar Singha
NCRTMM concept is being replicated in 7 cities across India. To get more update on the activities of NCRTMM you can visit or join the google group at 


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