Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NCR Testers Monthly Meet (#NCRTMM)

Dear Colleague,

In any profession continuous learning is the sure sign of progress.  For continuous learning,  learning culture has to be in place. The learning culture gets developed either as an individual discipline or as an outcome of organizational environment where learning and application of the learning happens in a seamless manner.

Unfortunately NCR region of India, so far, did not provide many opportunities or platform for inter-organization meetings of Software Testers and learning from each other. With the goal to further learning in the domain of testing, Indian Testing Board has launched its NCR chapter which will help testers come together at regular intervals and teach and learn. The first initiative of this chapter is
NCR Testers Monthly Meet (NCRTMM), happening on 2nd/3rd Saturday of every month. The first such meet was held on 18th December, at Impetus Technologies, Noida attended by more than 50 software testers from NCR region. The idea of the meet is to get in touch with testers from NCR area and learn, discuss, debate on testing ideas, concepts, issues and solutions related to software testing including topics like automation, performance, exploratory and agile testing and many more. The participation will be voluntary and free of cost, as far as possible.

We encourage you to visit our website http://ncrtesters.blogspot.com/ to take a look at our goals and to learn about how to participate.

We are very enthused by the wide support we have been receiving from the industry leaders in this regards and soon you will be able to see a large list of organizations and CXOs supporting this endeavor in NOIDA, Delhi, Gurgaon and other regions in NCR where software industry thrives.

How You can help us as an Individual: You can spread the word about NCRTMM, join as a member, attend the meets, present talks, share knowledge and help us organize the meets.

How You can help us as an Organization: You can sponsor NCRTMM by cash and kind. You can provide your conference hall for monthly meet. A conference hall of 100+ seating capacity is required every month to organize the meets. We will provide you a speaking slot to talk about your organization in the meet. If you want to be the founder Organization and sponsor us a Silver/Gold sponsor – please speak to us for details.

We look forward to your support and active participation.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NCR Testers Monthly Meet (NTMM - 1)

Are you interested to get in touch with like minded testers from NCR area and learn, discuss, debate on testing ideas, concepts, issues and solutions - you might want to attend the "NCR Testers Monthly Meet".

The first NCR Testers meet was held on 18th December 2010 at Noida. 

What is our MISSION: To learn, promote and offer a platform to software testing professionals from National Capital Regions to collaborate via a monthly meet.

Who are the organizers: We do not call ourselves organizers. We are just helping to gather professionals come together and exchange ideas and take participations. For now Mr. Vipul Kocher, Co-President of Pure Testing, Mr. Vipul Gupta, Sr. Test Architect, Impetus and Mr. Ajoy Kumar Singha, Editor - Testing Circus Software Testing Magazine have come together to provide the platform for the first meet.

When will we meet: 2nd OR 3rd Saturday of every month

What do I need to do participate in the meet: You can send an email to aksingha@gmail.com or vips001@gmail.com and confirm your willingness to participate. 

What is the agenda for the proposed meet: The agenda can vary from meet to meet. But the general idea is to have some talks on Software Testing, Debate on Best Practices, Develop test ideas around application and to discuss latest trends in testing arena. A meet would generally last for 2-3 hours.

What is the next step: You can promote this initiative and invite other testers to join this. Announcement in the form of tweets or facebook updates will be appreciated.

Please register early. You might not want to miss to participate due to limited seats that we have.

1st Meet 
When: 18th December 2010
Where: NOIDA

Impetus Technologies
D-27, Sector 59
Noida 201307

Timing - 

 9:30 AM - 1:15 PM (GMT+0530)

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